Tuesday, December 23, 2014


So I see some dude on Facebook posting angry anti-me stuff on a thread discussing last week's Culture Shock #Riffgate - the 'ol 'looks like Boy George etc' gambit. Sure I've heard that somewhere before...

Then I notice the name of the clubnight he's playing at (or promoting - didn't look it up)... And it's the same name as the clubnight I ran with some friends back at University... In 1997.

Ahhh! Too easy. :-)

[btw I agree with his point that the supposed rip-off was probably just a coincidence & genuinly don't really care, as it's just an underground d&b track, not like when Nicki Minaj actually sampled me (and paid properly) - but it was fun pointing this out earlier in the week - although not when it got a bit nasty - that wasn't my intention FYI]

Anywayyyyy - Happy Christmas folks :-)

Flyer for one of our early nights back in 1998

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