Friday, November 13, 2009

Flyer for my gig in Turin on Dec 7 2009 & general blabber

The promoters just sent over a copy of the flyer for my gig over in Turin in a few weeks so thought I'd post it up here! Checkkitout!

Nice right? They also said they have a friend involved in the party with links to this winery WOOHARR! haha! I think I'll be bringing back some Pinot Grigio and Gavi oh yes!

All well otherwise over here on planet John B, the last few days have been dominated by me and my PS3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (I stayed up till 4am last night on it!!) but I promise to emerge and get back on the music! I keep my PS3 gaming ID private but sometimes I'm on the xbox 360, as 'johnbbeta' if you fancy a challenge...

Had a great night out last Sunday in London with Hayley & our new friends Wayne Elise & Dan who run and were over in the UK doing some private coaching - and their friends Jeremy & Andrew, superinternationalbusinessmen - very civilised evening indeed, loads of sushi then v posh and expensive drinks (and ice cream) at the Sanderson Hotel and Hakkasaan (36th best restaurant in the world - used to be 8th!) where I had the most yummy glass of Premier Cru Chablis I've ever tasted in my whole life! Good stuff.

Podcast 72 is on the way too, I've been going through tracks and getting the shortlist together and its looking like a monster. Will aim to have it out on Monday - going for one every 2 weeks now!

I booked this weekend off ages ago (so I could play COD the week it came out!) so you can't catch me DJing anywhere - but next week I'm playing at the Metalheadz night at The Arches in London on Friday, then at Pirate Station in Samara in Russia on Saturday. As usual all my live dates are up on my website here.

In other news I've got the masters back for the new Beta Recordings releases. The Camo & Krooked EP, and the Xilent Single. Release date should be 6-7 weeks from now, depending on how long it takes for the vinyl promos to come... Will post a separate article about that with some clips for you later.

Ok, I'm off out for a run. In the turrential rain, but its gotta be done...

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

DJ Mag Poll - I made it into the Top 100 & got highest DnB DJ!!!


Should have posted this sooner but I've been in a cycle of celebrating & being hungover since last week! If you follow me on twitter or saw the news/mag already then you'll know but - WE DID IT!!! I got to number 92 in the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll, and was the highest DnB DJ in the whole thing!!

Went up to London on Wednesday for the awards ceremony at Ministry of Sound, was my first time at the venue actually - dunno how I've never been before! Went with the gorgeous Hayley Quinn got whisked inside and did a bunch of TV/Radio/Press interview stuff, then hung out in the VIP bit with Gareth Emery and his gang, Andy Moor, Matt Zo, the Anjunabeats folks, and probably lots of other famous trance DJs but I'm terrible at remembering who's who and what they look like! Managed to have a v quick chat with Armin Van Buuren who managed 3 years in a row at number 1 - he said he really liked DnB (but he thought we all still only played vinyl!) and I told him I really liked trance, and erm that's about it haha! He had a humungous entourage too, I counted about 8 or 9 serious looking businessmen types, but the coolest thing was his mum and dad were there with him! If I get in again next year I'm totally taking my parents too - but will have to get some earplugs for my mum, not too sure she's a fan of loud music - Radio 4 is more her bag ;-)

Anyway - I'm absolutely over the moon with the result, it's an amazing achievement to finally break into the DJ Mag Top 100, and an honour to be the highest Drum & Bass DJ! Thank you SO MUCH everyone that supported me in the poll - I promise I'll keep the podcasts coming, and keep giving it 200% on tour! Thanks!!!

You can see the full Top 100 list in this month's edition of DJ Mag, or on the DJ Mag website if you click here.

John did a quick interview with the fabulous guys the day after the announcement too - you can read the article here:’s-top-100-again/