Friday, November 13, 2009

Flyer for my gig in Turin on Dec 7 2009 & general blabber

The promoters just sent over a copy of the flyer for my gig over in Turin in a few weeks so thought I'd post it up here! Checkkitout!

Nice right? They also said they have a friend involved in the party with links to this winery WOOHARR! haha! I think I'll be bringing back some Pinot Grigio and Gavi oh yes!

All well otherwise over here on planet John B, the last few days have been dominated by me and my PS3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (I stayed up till 4am last night on it!!) but I promise to emerge and get back on the music! I keep my PS3 gaming ID private but sometimes I'm on the xbox 360, as 'johnbbeta' if you fancy a challenge...

Had a great night out last Sunday in London with Hayley & our new friends Wayne Elise & Dan who run and were over in the UK doing some private coaching - and their friends Jeremy & Andrew, superinternationalbusinessmen - very civilised evening indeed, loads of sushi then v posh and expensive drinks (and ice cream) at the Sanderson Hotel and Hakkasaan (36th best restaurant in the world - used to be 8th!) where I had the most yummy glass of Premier Cru Chablis I've ever tasted in my whole life! Good stuff.

Podcast 72 is on the way too, I've been going through tracks and getting the shortlist together and its looking like a monster. Will aim to have it out on Monday - going for one every 2 weeks now!

I booked this weekend off ages ago (so I could play COD the week it came out!) so you can't catch me DJing anywhere - but next week I'm playing at the Metalheadz night at The Arches in London on Friday, then at Pirate Station in Samara in Russia on Saturday. As usual all my live dates are up on my website here.

In other news I've got the masters back for the new Beta Recordings releases. The Camo & Krooked EP, and the Xilent Single. Release date should be 6-7 weeks from now, depending on how long it takes for the vinyl promos to come... Will post a separate article about that with some clips for you later.

Ok, I'm off out for a run. In the turrential rain, but its gotta be done...

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

DJ Mag Poll - I made it into the Top 100 & got highest DnB DJ!!!


Should have posted this sooner but I've been in a cycle of celebrating & being hungover since last week! If you follow me on twitter or saw the news/mag already then you'll know but - WE DID IT!!! I got to number 92 in the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll, and was the highest DnB DJ in the whole thing!!

Went up to London on Wednesday for the awards ceremony at Ministry of Sound, was my first time at the venue actually - dunno how I've never been before! Went with the gorgeous Hayley Quinn got whisked inside and did a bunch of TV/Radio/Press interview stuff, then hung out in the VIP bit with Gareth Emery and his gang, Andy Moor, Matt Zo, the Anjunabeats folks, and probably lots of other famous trance DJs but I'm terrible at remembering who's who and what they look like! Managed to have a v quick chat with Armin Van Buuren who managed 3 years in a row at number 1 - he said he really liked DnB (but he thought we all still only played vinyl!) and I told him I really liked trance, and erm that's about it haha! He had a humungous entourage too, I counted about 8 or 9 serious looking businessmen types, but the coolest thing was his mum and dad were there with him! If I get in again next year I'm totally taking my parents too - but will have to get some earplugs for my mum, not too sure she's a fan of loud music - Radio 4 is more her bag ;-)

Anyway - I'm absolutely over the moon with the result, it's an amazing achievement to finally break into the DJ Mag Top 100, and an honour to be the highest Drum & Bass DJ! Thank you SO MUCH everyone that supported me in the poll - I promise I'll keep the podcasts coming, and keep giving it 200% on tour! Thanks!!!

You can see the full Top 100 list in this month's edition of DJ Mag, or on the DJ Mag website if you click here.

John did a quick interview with the fabulous guys the day after the announcement too - you can read the article here:’s-top-100-again/

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quick blog from Bangkok airport

Hello. I have just been sitting in the same chair for about 11 hours. I'm just over halfway to Australia. Bangkok airport is nice from what I can tell, better air conditioning than Heathrow T3, and strangely round toilets. Very round. There's a dim sum machine here in the Thai Airlines lounge which looks pretty cool - they keep coming and filling it up with little white packety things. Will probably try on the way back the other way when its safer...

Some old guy totally stared at me as he walked past a minute ago, like in a totally rude way - the kind of way you teach your kids not to. I look pretty normal today so I dunno what that's all about. Oh and the guy next to me was on his laptop but was mega snooping on what I was doing on mine. Or maybe it was Apple envy. I was just doing very boring stuff - very slowly, since teh internetz are v slow here. Someone's probably downloading mad tranny porn in the corner or something. I can see a few suspicious looking folk around. And some very loud Italian dudes. But I don't mind cos Italian sounds so cool.

So I passed the last 11 hours in a few ways, trying to get through 'the 80 minute MBA' which so far hasn't blown me away. Watched Ed Wood on the in flight Tv thing - which I rather liked, but dragged on a bit too long. Now I know who Bella Legosi was though. Getting through season 2 of 'the unit' too - but its starting to lose me - might give up on it - can't face another 3 seasons tbh - Shawn Ryan was at his best with 'the shield' imo. MACKKKKEYYYYY. Also been watching last year's Newswipe and Have I got news for you. The guy next to me must have been pretty confused about me, looking all non businessman-like but reading an MBA book and watching current-affairs news satire TV programmes. Maybe that's why people are spying on me now.

Anwayyyyy, time for me to go get ready for another 10 hours on a plane before I get to Melbourne and sleep. I usually have the most random dreams when I fly to Australia, so I'll try to remember what happens in the ones tonight, post them here, and then you lot can get all psychoanalytical on me.

thai air to bkk

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Testing a new way of posting and stuff...

Ok so I know I owe you a better post seeing as it's been a while but
this is all in aid of that. Am testing out if I can email a post in
and have it published automatically - so I can do this Shiz from my
phone... It's 245am and I have to be up at 9 to go to Oz. Hurrah.
Quite looking forward to some chill time on the plane actually - lots
of Reading to catch up on. Anyway - hope this works - see u guys
soooon on teh internetz.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October 2009 Live Dates Update

I've just added a few more gigs to the diary and updated the list of confirmed gigs for the next few months on my website & myspace so thought I'd post it here as well - now you can see if I'm coming to a club near you for some mighty electro/robo/dnb bizniz...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Photos from Toyko

Just realised I haven't posted these up anywhere apart from a quick mention on twitter, so here ya are! Photos from my trip to Tokyo a few weeks back, just the random stuff I took on my iphone. Got some wierd video too while I was out there, some legendary kareoke bizniz - once I've got more important stuff done (LIKE MY ALBUM!) I'll have more time to edit some video and get more stuff up on

By the way these are all taken from my MobileMe iPhone gallery, one of the first places I upload my camera-phone pics from when I'm on the road etc, although I also try to twitter them - but this is a good gallery to check in case you missed that all-important picture of my hotel room or whatever ;-)

Oh, and if you're hungry apologies for all the food pictures here, I guess I was just a bit obsessed with all the lovely Japanese food and sushi overload!

1st sushi of the trip - NOM NOM NOM

With Johnny the promoter in another lovely sushi place. Discovering the wonders of a glass of hot water.

I wonder if those eyes are real?

Deciding on post-club hotel breakfast.

Drunk & sleeping English dude outside the club

Drunk guy with ramen-puke near the main station


Robo-toilet in my hotel room. Heated and with all kinds of built in squirty things I was too scared to try out!


Moar Sushi

Business class food on BA, started bizniz with Champerssss

My home for the 10 hours to Tokyo

Had a craving for MEAT and BEER.

Eyelash WHAt?

Some egg drink...

Linkin Park being murdered

One of the many 'Love Hotels' where you go with your drunk date for secretsex at 6am

Mad Max Dj decks-stand in a tiny but supercool grungy punk bar somewhere in Tokyo


Think this was some hostess/hooker bar. Love the cartoon depiction of the 'pick-up'/transaction.

This stuff really sorted me out on the way back to the airport.

Such lovely vending machines.

This stuff also really sorted me out, though the name could do with some focus group attention

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Epic Bike Ride Bizniz

Just been out for a mega bike-ride. And I'm testing out a twitfeed thing which should automatically repost my blog posts in my twitter. Magical....

Off to check out some local band bizniz at 'Hobfest' in a bit. ROCK.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

John B Podcast 070: September 2009 ElectroTechno Studio Mix


1. Lifelike // Sequencer
2. M_Ferri // Comin
3. Tai Jason & D.I.M. // Lyposuct
4. Justin Maxwell // The Windey Man
5. Anthony Rother & Sven Vath // Komm
6. Andreas Hennberg // Federschwarz
7. Hermanos Inglesos // Mustang
8. Jean Elan // Killer
9. Wolfgang Gartner // Wolfgang's 5th Symphony
10. Marc Romboy // Sonora
11. Simian Mobile Disco // Audacity Of Huge (Maxime Dangles Remix)
12. Dean Newton & Huggy // 747
13. The Hacker // Maximum Joy
14. Bodzin & Huntemann // Message In A Box
15. Steve Mac // Gotta Have Some Fun
16. Boys Noize & Erol Alkan // Waves
17. SCSI-9 // Tierra Del Fuego (Gio Boratto Remix)
18. Anthony Rother // Moderntronic
19. Jody Wisternoff // Cold Drink, Hot Girl
20. Depeche Mode // Behind the Wheel (Eric Prydz Remix)
21. Kollektiv Turmstrasse // Melodrama (Oliver Huntemann Remix)
22. Beni // Maximus
23. Paul Woolford // Pandemonium
24. Wolfgang Gartner // Fire Power

You can download the mp3 here:

Or listen via this embedded soundcloud player (new thing I'm testing out!).

John B Podcast 070: September 2009 ElectroTechno Studio Mix by JohnB

Also - if you want to help support the cause and vote for John B in the DJ Mag Top 100 Vote CLICK HERE or click on the image below :-)

Friday, August 28, 2009

The day I nearly died, but now faced with the opportunity of revenge...

Forgot to mention this at the time, but I just saw the same car when I was out jogging today, so it got me thinking on whether its worth reporting or anything, seeing as if I hadn't reacted quickly the dude would have totally killed me!

Basically a couple of weeks ago I was out jogging, and had to cross over a zebra crossing on the road and some total douschebag nearly ran me over! I had stopped running, still on the pavement, took my ipod headphones out, and waited for the car on my side of the road to stop to let me cross, that part went fine, but there was a car coming the other way - some souped up bright yellow toyota celica with a big ghay aerofoil on the back, I was exactly halfway across the road, and he just kept coming - blatently breaking the 30mph speed limit too AND accellerating - I had to jump out of the way backwards and he just zoomed straight through the zebra crossing with me in the middle of crossing the road, but randomly I held eye contact with him the whole time and he was totally staring back. Anyway I saw the same car today and recognised the driver, but THIS time I had time to get his number plate, and it was easy to remember cos it was a cheap personalised one (lets just say james bond & simpsons related, presumably linked with its yellowness).

Half of me says go report him, seeing as he was driving like a total madman and would have killed me if I'd taken one more step forward - but then the other half just says it would end up in some his word against mine scenario and nothing would happen, or he'd just become a pain and throw eggs at my house or whatever. Hmmmm.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So its that time of year again where I need your vote - this is the only awards thing I really bother trying to get support for, so excuse me if it feels a bit spammmmy for the next couple of weeks - I just neeeeeed the votes!

Last year thanks to you guys I made it to number 126 - and was number 3 in the D&B DJs (only Andy C & Hype above me) which was an amazing achievement, especially for someone as far outside UK mainstream DnB - so THANKS, I was really touched by the support from you lovely sexy electro-bots ;-).

The poll is traditionally dominated by the big house & trance DJs, Tiesto, Guetta etc etc and DnB never really gets much of a look-in, so we need the votes even more - it would be absolutely MIGHTY if I could break into the top 100 this year - so PLEAAAAASE go vote for me at and try to get your mates/grandma/cat to do it too!

If you really want to SUPER help, when you vote obviously put me at number 1 - and then people you think will probably be above me anyway as the other 4. (Yes I've been watching too much reality TV lately and thinking too tactially!)

Anyway - voting ends Sept 3rd so not long to go now - thanks for all the support. CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Oh, and if you haven't been downloading all my podcasts & DJ Mixes already CLICK HERE to check out my podcast and grab all the lovely free mp3s...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Yum Yum American Airlines

Hi folks - back in the UK after a long weekend in the USA (a bit longer than it was supposed to be thanks to mother nature and JFK Air Traffic Control!).

Had 3 great gigs over there, Boston on Thursday, NYC on Friday and Beltek Festival in Maine on Saturday.

Special shoutouts to American Airlines for their delicious in-flight meals... My fault for booking a non-upgradable ticket class I know!!


So yeah, Boston was fab, a had quick pre-drinks with Lenore, the fabulous promoter-ess & the mighty Hot Pink Delorian boys at the hotel before the club WHICH WAS UBER RAMMED. Nice one. And the wine was OK too. Wasn't 100% happy with my set, it was one of those ones where I had a gazillion new tracks I hadn't played out live yet so was more of a feeler-outerer than a John B autopilot mashup-a-thon - but it still went really well - that Beat It MJ remix always kills it too hahah! Oh and haha thanks or NO THANKS to the girl that tried to hedfuk me with the 'DON'T FUCK UP' Sign. I WIN!

Thanks to Nick Minieri for sending over his photos form the night - you can see them here: CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO GALLERY

Flight to NYC the next day was mega delayed by almost 5 hours all-in - really bad weather around the east coast this weekend, so I just chilled out waiting at the gate and then on the plane for a while watching the storm pass - and watching 'The Shield' on my iphone! NYC turned out great too - although it was a shame I got into town much later than I'd planned - had planned some civilized hang-out time with my NYC mates before the gig, which turned into very uncivilized but still fun nightclub rowdy time! Big up to Frances, Ben & Sarah, and Maya & her boytoy ;-) Was also pretty wierd to be technically playing a TOGA PARTY - with full on collusseum decorations. Mad.

If anyone's got any decent photos from the NYC gig please email em over to me at thanks!

Beltek Festival in Maine was wikkid too, I had to sport some killa Wellingon boots though as it was on a farm and they'd had turrential rain the last couple of days, heard Dara & DB had to make do with plastic bags on their feet - reminded me of creamfields Poland last summer. MUDFIELLLLLDS! Anyway, had a really great time again, played to 1500 people in a field in field in the middle of no-where - amazing vibes out there, I could see the moon in the distance and smell the wild skunks in the bushes heheh. I actually saw a real live skunk for the first time ever. Wierd looking thing. Oh and got a ride back to the hotel in a mint condition vintage Mercedes 240 from 1977. PIMP. Luckily no Moose in the road on the way back...

Got mega delayed on the way back to the UK though, like one whole day delayed! My flight back to JFK from Bangor Maine was cancelled and all other flights anywhere of any use to me were either fully booked or cancelled, so I had to stay another night in the airport hotel in Bangor (which was actually a really nice hotel - I just chilled, had room service and caught up on some work & watched a couple of episodes of Big Brother and HBO stuff) - then was up at 8am the next day and driven 3 hrs to Portland Airport by the magnificent Ally - everything from then on was on time, just a bit loooong. Had my first airport shower though at JFK - pretty cool - never used the shower rooms in the business class lounges before but I definitely reccommend it - pretty chill if you have the time and you feel way less rough on the long-haul afterwards...

Ok, gota go, am upgrading my Logic software to v9 on my various macs today, gota sort out car insurance renewals, and do a showcase mix for some London Fashion week people, and about a gazillion other things...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Video: John B @ PVV Ideon in Pardubice, Czech Republic 29.05.09

Just been going through all the photo galleries from this event at the end of May, and found a nice video from the night too, thankfully one I didn't have to film and edit myself!! Looking GOOD! Luckily they didn't catch on camera how unbeleivably drunk I ended up - random Czech Vodka + purple energy drink + DJing Adrenaline = Drunky FAIL John B. It only hit me after I finished playing thank God - but still, 8am on the way to the airport the next day wasn't my finest hour!

Photos to follow!

You can check the video out on vimeo here:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Photos: John B @ Pirate Station Kiev 2009

These are from a while back but I hadn't got round to posting them up until now - thanks to all the photographers that sent me their galleries! You can see the whole lot on my flickr gallery if you click here and as usual they're all up on myspace and facebook too.

John B @ Pirate Station, Kiev, 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station Kiev 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station Kiev 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station, Kiev, 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station Kiev 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station Kiev 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station, Kiev, 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station, Kiev, 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station, Kiev, 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station Kiev 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station, Kiev, 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station Kiev 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station, Kiev, 30.04.09


John B @ Pirate Station, Kiev, 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station Kiev 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station Kiev 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station Kiev 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station Kiev 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station, Kiev, 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station Kiev 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station Kiev 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station Kiev 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station Kiev 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station, Kiev, 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station, Kiev, 30.04.09

John B @ Pirate Station, Kiev, 30.04.09