Saturday, April 18, 2009


Oh yes, almost finished the new track - got my vocoder flexing nicely this week, and wore my Giorgio Moroder shirt for extra italo good luck. Will post a clip up here later tonight for sneak-peak bizniz...

Had a fun night last night, stayed in till about 1030 but decided last minute to jet out to the amazing glory of Maidenhead town centre with Hayley and met up with Tash et al, and DAN! who's broken his hand. We made up lots of fake back stories as to how it got hurt. My favourite was the moray eel in the great barrier reef. I think some people actually believed us. Have decided they have nicer wine at Witherspoons (and younger kids) than Ivory Lounge, and a round of 4 drinks was only £11. SCORE. Phatz Bar was packed and really good fun too, the DJ upstairs was killing it - really good indie/alternative/electo-ish stuff, bit of Empire of the Sun oh yes - meant to go give him a nod of respect but then I spilled my wine. As always mr V downstairs was rockkin it - as soon as I say hello the D&B megamix comes on, love it! Always seems (pleasantly) bizzarre to end up skanking to mega old-school dnb on a Friday night in Maidenhead town centre. How times have changed... ;-)

Today is going to be an excellent day, started off with smoked salmon pate and a bit of snooker on TV, I will now mow the lawn and listen to birds singing in the garden, with my 2nd espresso of the day, then finish this track, and start a new one, then do some hardcore call of duty 5-ing on the xbox360 on the massive telly and get double XP points so I can finally become Sargent MaJor John Beee or whatever you are at level 67. Oh, and going for a killer 5 mile run in the sunshine with some monster new techno on the ipod. BOH.

OH yeh I also figured out how to do live video broadcasts using yesterday, maybe will turn it on tonight when I get back in the studio. John B - taking self-stalking to a new level...

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