Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Photos from Toyko

Just realised I haven't posted these up anywhere apart from a quick mention on twitter, so here ya are! Photos from my trip to Tokyo a few weeks back, just the random stuff I took on my iphone. Got some wierd video too while I was out there, some legendary kareoke bizniz - once I've got more important stuff done (LIKE MY ALBUM!) I'll have more time to edit some video and get more stuff up on johnbtv.com

By the way these are all taken from my MobileMe iPhone gallery, one of the first places I upload my camera-phone pics from when I'm on the road etc, although I also try to twitter them - but this is a good gallery to check in case you missed that all-important picture of my hotel room or whatever ;-)

Oh, and if you're hungry apologies for all the food pictures here, I guess I was just a bit obsessed with all the lovely Japanese food and sushi overload!

1st sushi of the trip - NOM NOM NOM

With Johnny the promoter in another lovely sushi place. Discovering the wonders of a glass of hot water.

I wonder if those eyes are real?

Deciding on post-club hotel breakfast.

Drunk & sleeping English dude outside the club

Drunk guy with ramen-puke near the main station


Robo-toilet in my hotel room. Heated and with all kinds of built in squirty things I was too scared to try out!


Moar Sushi

Business class food on BA, started bizniz with Champerssss

My home for the 10 hours to Tokyo

Had a craving for MEAT and BEER.

Eyelash WHAt?

Some egg drink...

Linkin Park being murdered

One of the many 'Love Hotels' where you go with your drunk date for secretsex at 6am

Mad Max Dj decks-stand in a tiny but supercool grungy punk bar somewhere in Tokyo


Think this was some hostess/hooker bar. Love the cartoon depiction of the 'pick-up'/transaction.

This stuff really sorted me out on the way back to the airport.

Such lovely vending machines.

This stuff also really sorted me out, though the name could do with some focus group attention


gon said...

pocari sweat is awesome

000000 said...

when's the album coming out????!!! :)