Monday, June 27, 2016

John B Podcast 163: Live @ Timeless DNB, Los Angeles 04.06.16

Hello everyone - doing my best to update this blog page a bit more regularly, although not entirely sure it's particularly necessary seeing as anything new I put online always gets mentioned on my Facebook and twitter accounts - but I guess it's nice to have them all here whatever. Here's another podcast for you anyway!

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Just when you've been waiting for a new podcast for months TWO pop up in the same week! Lucky you!

In contrast to last week's Spring Studio Mix in partnership with Serato, we now have a LIVE set for you, recorded on the last night of John B's most recent mini-tour of the USA (he's back out there twice again in July - check out the Live Dates listings for details!) in LA for the fabulous Timeless DNB party for a special event, their 100th party!

Always a pleasure, the LA crowd never disappoints! Get ready for a fun, varied set & a bit of celebratory slightly drunky John B on the mic!

There's a few little glitches in the audio from the radio mics the MCs were using - hopefully they're not too much of a pain - would have been a shame to not share the set just because of a few crackles :-)

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