Saturday, March 15, 2008

oh Vienna!

ok so I'm officially a geek. Posting this from my iPhone in the BA lounge at Vienna airport on free wi-fi. Nice

I'm also absolutely shattered! Had a rockkin gig at CCX in Nove Zamkey in Slovakia last night but had to be up at 645 to get back to the airport. I'm about to fly back to Heathrow, change terminals, wait, then fly to Stuttgart then drive to Ulm for my 4/4 set tonight. I'm on 2.5 hrs sleep...

Also to twist the knife I found out I could have just flown straight there from Vienna at 5pm. Not fair! Again...

Hope you liked the new podcasts I put up on Thursday and I just spotted that the 2nd part of the live mix was linking to the wrong file! Oops! Its fixed now so u can grab it!

Ok I'm off to get on a plane. Pray for no screaming kids behind me! John B must zzz

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

there's dnb djs and there is the mighty john b. nice set again! love the different styleeeees.