Saturday, March 29, 2008

Quick Hi from Miami

Gotta get ready to go play the big rave that is ULTRA in a minute so I'll make this quick... WMC been pretty good so far, played ViRam last night - my set went down mighty stylee, thanks to everyone that came and checked it out. I got a whole 2 drink tickets from the promoters, which only bought Hineken. Quality VIP stylee right? 

Been to some cool pool parties the last few days, chatted with Zinc, Fresh, Justice (in French, briefly), Digitalism, A-track, Craze, Chromeo etc etc. Managed to avoid hardcore Drum&Bass with 10MCs parties so far, and got a decent layer of sunburn going on too! Oh, and Jogged every day, and not got that drunk! That is no mean feat for Miami! 

Got lots of free Swag from Armani, and a gazillion demo Cds. OH AND THE CUBAN COFFEE YESYES. HOW I MISSED YOU.

I'm waiting for it to rain so I can do a proper debriefing on here, so until then...


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Anonymous said...

I got into Miami that night too! That also was a crappy drink ticket. I would have bought you a drink or three had I been there. Much love and respect, Ultra was great!