Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John B @ Bassment @ Mango, Reading Gig Cancelled on October 8

Thought I'd post this up here so you spot it if you were planning to come, I know a few of you have been emailing my agent and stuff asking about details for the show...

Unfortunately the Bassment guys had to cancel this particular event due to venue difficulties - but I will be playing there at a future event in February. They ARE still using the venue, got a BIG event with Shy FX coming up too so everything's cool otherwise...

"It would have been impossible to put the event on as a free entry night which is what we wanted it to be... Bassment is not about ripping people off and just wants to get good music out to as many people as possible". 

Just thought I'd let you know as soon as I knew in case you were planning a huge trip down from Australia or something... ;-)

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sleeping doris said...

what john said ;-)

here at bassment we want to do events for people that dont rip them off. We were going to do the event as a free event but then the venue decided they wanted to charge us £500 for use of the venue on a wednesday night. This wasnt fair on people with it being advertised as a free event.

We still have shy fx and stamina mc on the 29th october with tickets only £5 and john will be appearing at the next event alongside another big name in february.

nice one steve "linus"