Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nice Review of my remix of Glamour For Better at Djmag.com

Just spotted this while bumbling through their site - didn't spot it in the print version though, so hope I didn't miss it. If anyone has a copy and can scan it for me that would be lovely...

"Glamour For Better - Architects Of Discotech (John B Remix) (Ear Candy)

John B is truly one of the most multi-talented producers on the planet, having adeptly spanned every style in dnb with his own special penchant for '80s electro-inspired pieces. Re-hashing duties here are fulfilled with a rave-inspired bumpy choco-latte slider that lasts from start to finish. And successfully going against the grain (as always), expect sanguine chanted lyrics, rising sunrise chords and the sort of riffs that make you feel at peace with yourself. (4/5)"


You can buy it on vinyl here:

Or just do a search on iTunes, Beatport.com, Trackitdown.net - or your favourite mp3 internet shoppe... It WILL be there! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Sorry about this question here, but how much time do you spend to create one of your tracks, from zero-mark to victorious end?

Anonymous said...

This is the best track what i ever heard in my hole life(and red lights of course)! I was at Croatia in a holiday and i was just standing near the sea, the sun comes on and i was listening glamour for better remix and just smileing and smileing and feel fucking happy!!!!! Thank you mr John-b :)

Unknown said...

Hi John.

Don't have the Dj mag issue scanned in for you but do have the complete edition in PDF. Here is a link to it, it's on page 122 :-)


Can't wait for your new album to come out and love the sound of the '10 year anniversary' album you where talking about.


John B said...

thanks maarten - i got them! thanks!