Monday, March 16, 2009

The countdown to Miami...

Hi folks - thought it was about time I actually wrote something personal here, sorry the last few posts have all been a bit official-looking - I promise I posted them personally, even though they're just gig photos etc...

So I'm trucking on over here, I leave for America on Thursday, a few gigs over there before I hit Miami for the WMC - been sifting through a gazillion demos and promos over here, and currently about 1/4 way through a huge session on beatport looking for some nice 4/4 stuff to update my ipod and prepare for any mysterious secret non-dnb sets I might end up doing.

Had a good weekend, 2 UK gigs for a change - alas Brighton on Friday was really quiet, the promoters had too much competition from the Bloc Weekender festival, and a big free party at the Concord 2 just down the road, but I took them down the pub afterwards (and saw some crazy shinanikins and bouncer bust ups in there into the bargain...). Leicester on Saturday was much better, a big Formation records party at the University Students' Union, I was on inbetween Original Sin, and Grooverider, who were both playing pretty serious jump-up bizniz, but the crowd were really cool and open-minded and responded well to my stuff - I stuck to my usual and hit them with all the new stuff, a lot of progressive and minimal inspired DnB and they seemed to love it. So yeah - big up the student masssive! Hehe!

Ok, back to this techno-sifting. So far I've bought a huge pile of Ghetto Tek tracks with titles like "on your knees, bitch" and "make that ass clap" etc. High brow stuff but just cracks me up so much I have to have it ;-)

Will be having a date with some Grand Cru Sancerre and Call of Duty 5 tonight for sure... (Join me on xbox live 'johnbbeta' if you want to get pwnt!)

Rock on ;-)

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NeZVa said...

Thanks you so much for the Pensacola, Florida show. Amaaaazing.
Get ready Miami, I can only imagine the debauchery