Friday, March 27, 2009


Funny moment yesterday going into the IDMAs - shambolic squash to get in - even for nominees... Was chatting to some guys I knew from LA, with a few ppl I didn't recognise in the group. One of which I later found out was Deadmau5 - who I obviously didn't recognise without the big mouse-head hat thing. Politely asked him how he was doing, and if he was up for any awards, and if he thought he was in with a chance.... hahaha. DOH! He wiggled through a bit ahead of me and actually shouted "DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AM" to the security guys, and it worked haha!

IDMAs at the beginnning was a hilarious shambles, but fun to be there - will have to give you a full rundown when I have a spare minute after WMC - but all sorts of mess ups running the Video clips, showing the winning video before the nominees mentioned, and just general hecticness. Highlight I think was seeing the whip play live, and I loved the crazy spanish lady co-hosting it.

Off to a pool party this afternoon then to rokbar to see jnr sanchez etc, then cameo for the felix da housecat/pdiddy party. SHould be a great day!

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