Monday, May 18, 2009

I VANT TO DRINK YOUR BLOOD (and put you in a crap hotel)...

Just thought I'd post up a few photos from Romania on Friday seeing as it was a bit of a random trip!

The gig was great, which is the important part, totally rammed, to the point where it was just sooooooo hot in there, my clothes are STILL soaking wet and its Monday! Got to the point though where all my makeup had run into my eyes and I couldn't see properly!

And, well the hotel is worthy of a mention - I really needed a good long sleep after the gig, to the point where we'd changed the flights so I could just pass out till the 5pm flight back to London, but well - the hotel was a bit more like Dracula's Grannie's ghoulish Guesthouse, so I ditched that plan and went straight back on the 8am flight, on no sleep, completely mashed! Filmed the hotel to remember the glorious experience... see below ;-)

Gotta say thanks to all the clubbbers that came out to the gig though, despite the dodgy hotel and no sleep/flight mix-ups it was good to come and play to such a good crowd, and I'm still friends with the organisers! Next time its the Hilton baby! ;-)

And a few photos:
Bucharest 15.05.09

The Radiator, that you couldn't turn off (bear in mind it was about 25 degrees, at night over there)
Bucharest 15.05.09

Luxury seating:
Bucharest 15.05.09

Epic King-size bed:
Bucharest 15.05.09

Quality Electrics:
Bucharest 15.05.09

Excellent local ameneties & services next door:
Bucharest 15.05.09

About to pass out on the flight home, straight after the party:
Bucharest 15.05.09


Anonymous said...

ashamed 2 b romanian :(

John B said...

haha! No need to be ashamed! It was just a bit of a rubbishy hotel - no harm done! The party was great!

haemoglobian said...

Sooo...what hotel did you said it was?It really looks bad.Anyway,I hope you at least liked the fans back at Fabrica Club!You were awsome right there.And come come back!Greetings from Romania :)