Thursday, May 07, 2009

John B Podcast 066: Live @ Luxor, Arnhem 25.04.09

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Live set recorded at John B's gig in Arnhem, Netherlands @ Luxor Live on 25.04.09. Thanks to Formsevents & DJ Tyson for hooking it up, and the fabulous soundman for recording everything so nicely ;-)


John B @ Luxor Live, Arnhem, Netherlands 25.04.09


1. Body & Soul ft. Fourward // Authority
2. John B // Light Speed
3. John B // Robot Lover
4. John B // Dancing in the Dark
5. John B // Disco Hoho Mashup
6. DJ Rashad // Get Down (John B SpeedUpMashUp)
7. Klement // Check the This is
8. Unknown // Hard Fi Bootleg Remix
9. Deadmau5 // I Remember (J Majik & Wikaman Remix)
10. Messages // Brookes Brothers Remix
11. Drop the fader (John B Remix)
12. Pig & Dan // Terminate
13. John B // Vertigo
14. Pryda // Animal
15. Justin Timberlake // Sexy back (Alavi ReRox Remix)
16. Alavi - Smells Like ReRox
17. Chase & Status ft. Plan B // Pieces
18. You Spin Me Round Bootleg Remix
19. John B // Stalking You On Myspace (12" Mix)
20. Dirty Sanchez // Tranny Sex (John B Remix)
21. John B - Take Me Home
22. Kubrak // Fast Forward
23. Bloc Party // Trojan Horse (John B Epic Remix)
24. John B // The Journey

More photos of the gig up on flickr, John B on Myspace & John B Facebook Fan page.

John B @ Luxor Live, Arnhem, Netherlands 25.04.09

John B @ Luxor Live, Arnhem, Netherlands 25.04.09

And if you hate iTunes but still love John B you can download the mp3 here:


argus said...

the deadmau5 remix is aaaaawesome

Cnigon said...

Awesome as always

Jonas said...

John B show is always amazing...
Every beat of his music always make me shake, the music is always energetic. One more thing that I like from John B is a stylish and blond hair come together when it came into effect. I like his hits that is Dancing in the Dark. Yes, really amazing music...!!!

Charles said...

I really agree with your opinion. John B always showed a very interesting action in every performance. I always try to come in every performance. it is excitement.