Saturday, June 14, 2008

Made it to Edmonton!

Hi from Edmonton! I almost didn't think I'd make it though! The flight from Winnipeg this morning was delayed, then cancelled, then uncancelled - not the sort of thing you want to deal with on 4 hours jetlag sleep and a bit of a hangover! 

Air Canada are cool though and sorted it out so I made it and now I'm just chilling in the hotel here waiting for some room service before my wierd timezonefrazzledisco-nap...

Winnipeg was great last night, I really enjoyed it! Really fun crowd! Was cracking up at Mr Blaze grabbing the microphone and just going "Holy Shit!" every time I dropped a new track! Haha!

And special mention has to go to the lovely wine, all Canadian too, I was VERY impressed. I even had my own special wine server lady!

So yeah, thanks guys! See ya again soon, and Edmonton, see ya tonight!!

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