Monday, June 23, 2008

New Tracks Up on the Webstore!

Hi guys - Ok this isn't strictly blog fayre, but I guess you guys that read this are my proper fans, so in that case you deserve a head start on some of these new things up on the webstore, seeing as they're so limited... 

Just a quick few links to some new products up at - the last 2 are VERY limited so get in there quick! ;-)

Glamour for Better "Architechs of Discotech" (John B Remix):

White Labels
This is also up on itunes and most other digital download stores too so its easy for those of you that don't use vinyl...

Limited Edition John B Russian Mix CD "To RUSSIA With LOVE":

Limited Edition Box

BETA 20 // John B "When the Time Comes" b/w "Dancing in the Dark" // Test Pressings: