Sunday, June 08, 2008

Wow - what a weekend!

Gotta be quick here, I'm about to check out of the hotel here in Baltimore - but yeeeeeehar this weekend has been crazy!

Miami was nuts on Friday, smashed the laundry bar 200% and what can I say about Starscape last night! I had the honour of playing the closing set as the sun rose up over the bay. Man what an experience. I managed to get 2 hours in - treated it really like a journey and went pretty trancey towards the end as the run rose. Really a beautiful experience. Thanks to everyone that was there with me!

Oh, and I found an unopened bottle of Grey goose, and some posh Gin under the decks... If they were yours, sorry! I promise they'll be put to good use!

I filmed quite a bit last night, so I'll edit it quick when I get home and upload this week.

Flying back to the Uk today, then a few days at home, then back out to Canada for more gigs next week! Don't tell Al Gore about my carbon footprint!!!




handypocketsatan said...

nice...i'm die'n 2 c the video...your faithful servant
P.S. your much sexier in person

Anonymous said...

sum photos from laundry bar

Anonymous said...

a propos carbon footprint ... have you ever thought about paying a recompense for your "flying sins"? I usually donate some money at atmosfair:
it doesn't undo your emission, but at least it's something like "selling indulgences" ... :-)