Saturday, July 26, 2008

Last night in London

Up early about to go to the airport to get to Romania... 

Just a quick hi to everyone that came to see us in London last night - sorry I only got to play 1 hour - and sorry I was a bit shit - at least I feel like I was shit, my friends tell me otherwise so that's one saving grace - got really pissed off with MCs not STFUing despite me asking them politely to stop - really felt that ruined it - there's nothing I hate more than MCs just blabbering on over my music when it obviously isn't suitable - acting like they will stop and then just carry on again etc etc. 

AND it being super dark by the decks and there being nowhere to put my CD books so I couldn't find anything - and the sound system sucking. But apart from that it was cool. Nice to see it so busy and I hope I didn't let anyone down by getting in a crap mood because of that. I promise I'm normally a lovely and well-behaved boy...


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