Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Video from Felsziget Festival in Romania on Saturday

Just posted up the latest tour video to my YouTube channel (its also on my facebook, myspace & podcast).

After a crazy/drunk/late night playing in London on Friday night, Hayley and I flew to Romania to headline the Dance Stage at the Felsziget Festival in Targu Mures in Transylvania, Romania. (BY THE WAY PLEASE VOTE FOR ME ON THERE BY CLICKING HERE).

Mega mission to get there, we flew London to Frankfurt, then Frankfurt to Cluj, then a couple of hours drive to Targu Mures, 30 mins to change then straight to the party! Mighty! was an amzing experience though - and great to play to such a huge, mega-up-for-it crowd! We only had 4 hours to sleep afterwards then did it all again to get home! So if we look a bit whackkked on the trip home you know why! Hah!

Felsziget is the sister festival to the big one, Sziget, in Hungary which takes place later in the month. I played there a couple of years ago, the day after there was a big terrorist thing in the UK and they stopped you taking hand luggage, and I ended up playing in front of 4000 people with no baggage at all, only 4 Cds worth of music I'd managed to download on the antiquated computers in the hotel business centre (by buying my album off my own website and a few electrohouse/techno tracks I'd not heard before off beatport!). I'm glad they invited me back!! hahah!

Anyway, here's the video - and remember to pay special respect to the SIDEBOOOOB!!!


Anonymous said...

Will you come to sziget fesztival? I check on every day your blog and a i didn't see that you will come to Hungary to sziget fesztival. Please,please write here if you come because it would be the worst day of my life if i missed you!

John B said...

No they didnt book me for Sziget Festival this year :-(

I spoke to one of the promoters for it in Romania though and they said they would probably have me next year though, so fingers crossed!



Anonymous said...

Arrrgrrr....!(stupid promoters) Then i have to wait for you to october when you come to A38(it's a ship in the river of the Danube). See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Big up John for mentioning this festival and Romanian scene in a positive way. I haven't made it on saturday, but all feedback on your show was great.

Maybe someday we gonna kill it in Cluj too :)




Anonymous said...

i vant to vuck your missus :-)

Anonymous said...

It's got to be said, I'd watch a video of Hayley dancing all night long ;-)

Thanks for posting this - but also thanks for the music!

Calin Gabor said...

your sets are amazing!!!! I missed you on felsziget, but, like agent said, hope i'll see you in Cluj