Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photos from This Weekend...

Played a 4/4 ElectroTechnoPunk set on Friday in Kiev at Forsage club - MIGHTY as usual - really enjoyed not playing DnB for a change, and the pressure of playing stuff I wasn't super familiar with. Rocked it! Thanks to Bogdan and Topolsky & everyone out there. Oh, apart from the car with no seatbelts to the airport the day after. NO DEAD JOHN B!

Nice car - but no seatbelts. ITS OK I DRRRRIVE SPEEED LIMIT. FUCK no. Respect to Dima for not craashing though!

Kiev Kru Rockkkkin out!

Amuzing Ukraine Interview questions... About girls... ;-)

The Mighty Bogdan and Topolsky

Saturday was fun too - I flew back to London from Kiev then back out to Basel, Switzerland - amazingly I made the connection and even more amazingly my checked bag made the connection too. Don't believe all the bad things they tell you about Terminal 5...

There was a gazillllion of us at that party on Saturday, Me, Adam F, Bryan G, Aphrodite, Spor, Storm, Skibbadee, IC3, Swift etc etc - organising that many junglists into a minibus to the hotel is no mean feat - proved by a pit stop to grab a sandwich in a gas station ending up taking about 45 minutes and scaring a lot of people in the McDonalds. ENTSCHULDIGUNG!!!!!!

Drove over to Lahr for the gig anyway - I played as the sun came up in the outdoor area which was lovely - palm trees all around me, pretend beach sand and all sorts. Crap wine though... I think I'm going to change my rider to ask for Sancerre every time - OMG especially in Ukraine - that stuff was bllllluuueueueuerrrrrg! hahaha! Good for my liver to have a break anyway...

Here's a few pics I took on my iPhone and up on my mobile photos gallery...

The KING of the Jungle. Man this dude was OFF HIS HEAD. His pants had dollar bills all over them and well, a fabulous belly - like King Henry VIII. RULER OF ALL RAVES.

Too much Rave. He was alive though, just sleeping. On the Pavement...


Samuel Tiefenrausch said...

haha I love how they speak english in the easternblock countries... but the interview seemed to be written in a rather good english compared to what I have heard :D
well... austrian/german english isn't much better^^
next gig in austria... any hint? :D
hope 2 see u soon... i'll take pictures on your next gig in vienna, since I'm an event photographer ;)
took some recently for Smin "Bassline" Smith though they were kinda crappy... at least he did not seem to like them.
Thank you for allways publishing on facebook, myspace and your blog!
cheers m8
Sam, Vienna (19)

Samuel Tiefenrausch said...

btw I did NOT mean to offend anyone who lives in an eastern country of europe or has any relatives there or anything... ;)