Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Creamfields Poland Mudbath-fields!

Had a fun weekend - took Hayley to my big gig in Poland, for Creamfields in a little town called Wroclaw (no idea how you actually pronounce that!). Was good to catch up with all the other guys on the bill - Spor, MC Lowqui, High Contrast etc were all on the same flight as us & shared the ryanair experience...

We'd bumped into Commix, Logistics, Marcus, Stamina etc etc at Scala the night before for the DNBA Gold party - but missed a few in Poland as our set times were so far apart. I think Goldie must have gone straight to Stansted from the Scala, on the plane to Poland for Creamfields, then back the same night to get ready for that BB2 conducting tv show. Now THAT's hardcore!

They'd had a hurricane during the day and all main stage acts got cancelled - but luckily we were in a tent so still got to play - although MAN that place was super mudpit stylee. I had the hotel laundry bags over my shoes the whole time - looked like a tramp!

Funtimes anyway - here's a few photos:

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Anonymous said...

John B upload plz the movie you film on creamfields ;)