Thursday, August 28, 2008


Had a pretty cool weekend - contrasted the mega club glamour of Circus on Friday night and Mark Moore's amazing Italo Disco extravaganza at Escape in Soho on Saturday with some proper English Village activities... YES YES THE LITTLEWICK SHOW.

Got the gang together and went to a big field near my house with lots of marquees and random village fair stuff. Line Dancing Grannies, The Handsomest Dog show, Cake Decorating competition winners, giant onions and most importantly the FERRET IN THE BIN! Every year they have some family who keep ferrets, and they have a little race track for them, and a sideshow where they put the ferret in the bin and you have to bet which hole he'll come out of! Hahahah! Genius...


Anonymous said...

"ferret in the bin" .. yeah, hehehe, i really did not have heard about this long-serving farmer's entertainment play so far! ferrets are very wise too, fo sure: you two at least have won your bet then tough :P ?

sleeping doris said...

so what happens when the ferret comes out of the bin, do you still have to whack it with a bassball bat?

Also the picture for of hayley and the leeks , was that on the vegetable judgeing table or the melon competetion.