Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm on BBC Radio 1 on Thursday Night!


Went to the BBC on Monday evening to hook up with Nerm & D-Code and record my guest mix and interview for the show that's going out on Thursday night (2-4am UK Time) on Radio 1 as part of their 'In New DJs We Trust' show.

They had me in there with Dubstep genius Rusko, who also did a mix and interview too - we were all just generally joking around in the studio - think it'll make pretty good radio - although Nerm was getting a bit sexuallllll with us... You'll see... Hope I don't sound like a twat!

Got on really well with Rusko though - and found out he lives just up the road from me, so we're gona have a bash at a track together - his style of dubstep is pretty electro-ey so I think it could be FABBBUUUULOUS!

There was a guy in there filming the whole session too - that'll be up on the BBC website on Thursday too and I'll be able to post a link here too.

Here's me posing in the (v hot studio) with a slightly bemused Rusko looking on...

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