Tuesday, November 25, 2008




OK, so this was from Halloween, so she's off the hook... My friend Gin, from Pacific Jungle Promotions in Hawaii dressed up as MEEEE hahah! Good effort! I'm flattered! Wish I could get my hair that white too ;-) Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

When will you give us that John-B studi mix!!?? You said it will be soon. But when?

Anonymous said...

Yes..! I must tell you what happened with me! I work in a in a really big plaza in Budapest and there is a winter park what they made one week ago and i went out to smoke and they were playing your traks(celebrity,red sky...) and that was the thing what made me happy!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Arrrr....! Where are you John??

gary goggles said...

he's prolly busy tinkering away,
creating some new opus-de-juan b.
that or he's stocked up in some hotel
having boobies... i mean breakfast in bed.

Anonymous said...

lol u look like a girl with this hairstyle