Monday, November 03, 2008

Officially 129th Best DJ in the World!!! Thanks!



I'm thrilled to see I made it into the DJ mag top 100 DJs chart (well, the top 150 I suppose!).

John B - officially 129th most popular Dj in the world! (Might have to make me a Tshirt...)

Just check out some of the other artists/legends I came in above too! Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Felix Da Housecat. Hurrrah!

Its also pretty cool to note that the only other DnB Djs that came in higher were Andy C, and Hype - so I'm theoretically the 3rd most popular Drum & Bass DJ in the poll - even Pendulum came lower! Double Hurrah!

According to DJ mag there were 350,000 total votes cast from 167 different countries so this really is a big deal - I'm ecstatic to say the least!

So yeah - before I go and crack open a bottle of Tesco's finest Sancerre and do a little dance...

I want to thank every one of you guys & girls that took the time and effort to vote for me in the poll - it really means a lot. And also just thank everyone generally for the support out there in the clubs & tour dates, enthusiasm for my releases & the podcast etc. I work really hard to provide lots of free, engaging content on the web, all the podcasts, mixes and videos etc - and endure some pretty rough flights and sleep deprivation to get to the dark depths of Russia or wherever - so its really great to get some recognition & props. 

We're working on some really cool new things to hit the web soon, and of course the new album(s) and more and more tour dates so lets keep the ball rolling and hopefully break into the top 100 next year! More electrostep! Thanks again!


John B 


Fabian said...

even Pendulum came lower! Double Hurrah!

Haha, classic.

Neil Haskell said...

congrats honey! :)

Neil Haskell said...

crap. that "congrats honey" comment wasn't from Neil. it was from me (Erin). stupid login! i suck at the internet (haha)

gary goggles said...

all that tells me is that there are 128 overrated dj's
in the world.
John B is number one goddamn it!


John B said...

Thanks guys! I know 129 isn't massively up there - but considering how little DnB gets represented in this poll its an amazing achievement to get in there!


I'm going to have 4 espressos this morning to celebrate! ;-)

icq: 374003896 said...

damn right, 128 over rated shit spinners above you ^)

big up!

MovemenT said...

Congrats from Brazil!!!

you deserve it!!!


Sylvia said...

u r still my no. 1 dj <3 and u r no. 1 to all of your fans, never forget that!!! That is what matters, not a stupid list!

Lots of love from London!