Monday, November 24, 2008

Nice one Utrecht! (and London!)

Thanks to the Black Sun Empire guys for having me and DJ Fresh over to play their 'Blackout' night in Utrecht on Friday night, and also to the DEF:INITION guys for having me over at Bar Rhumba in London. Both really fun nights indeeed!

Got the whole gang together in London and hit a few bars before the club. Brought back so many memories being back in Bar Rhumba, with Storm playing a Classic Headz set. Mighty! Piglet blew most of her student loan on champagne too haha!

Utrecht was nice and easy, not as stressful travelling as I can sometimes get, quick zip over to Amsterdam, didn't bump into many innovation nutters (meant affectionately!) then a quick dive to Utrect. I think we were lucky though, there were some serious snow & hail things going on. The hotel was so cool they leant me an umbrella to protect my hair on the way to the club! Hah! Stayed at the Court Hotel in Utrecht which has an ACE restaurant, and fabulous espressos the morning after too. You heard it here first...

Here's a few photos from the gig (if you stalk my iPhone photo gallery you've already seen them) ;-)

Got a busy week ahead, a new track to finish ('The Journey') and a couple of remixes to start, and finish (did anyone say the new BLOC PARTY!?), and pile of stuff I've been meaning to eBay for ages so I actually have some space in here...

Just taken a last minute extra gig in Rostov for December 5th so stick that in your diary too...


Fabian said...

Great set, only disappointment was the length of it, way too short. They should have cancelled DJ monotone Fresh lastminute and let you finish the night. :)

Some pictures and one short video (not all best quality but I have taken out the worst ones already) of your set at Utrecht over here:

Pelle said...

Amazing set you did here in Utrecht, Ives seen ya before in LVC Leiden my hometown, and yes i've to say it was a little bit short :( compared to the set in Leiden. but no waorries you made my day :P

got little foto Gallery of the whole Blackout night with 2 picks made of you in there, there not the best quality , cus my mobile kinda sucks

Hope to see you soon back here in Holland !
Keep it UP!

here are 2 pics i made

John B said...

thanks for the photos guys! I'll grab them and upload with the others I have for my flickr etc. Hurrah!

Sorry I didn't get to play longer than 1 hr - but that was the rules, they had to fit us all in!

See ya next time!