Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maidenhead's Bike Theft Crime Wave Revealed! ITS ME AND MY DAD!

So, Hayley managed to break her 2nd bike lock in 3 weeks - somehow buggering up the key/lock mechanism, so it was just stuck, locked up outside the gym... Was a Sunday night so I don't think any of Maidenhead's druggie/bike stealing swines were out working, so it was still there in the Morning...

Anyway... luckily my Dad's god a hardcore angle-grinder thing which can cut through ANYTHING. (Apart from maybe diamonds, or an EMI contract).

I put on my least cycle-thief looking outfit and politely asked to plug in our power cable at the gym - had to run it all across the street, in broad daylight and cut through the lock, sparks flying and everything! No one seemed to care. But I guess my Dad and I don't exactly look like your average crackhead bike thieves, and I would be easy to pick out of a line-up presumably. Maybe I should get all Winnowna Rider and see how far I can push it. HELLO YES I CAME TO PICK UP MY NEW BMW KTHX BYE.

If she breaks the next one its gonna be a lot harder to sort though, I ordered a badass D-Lock thing, and apparently the only way to break them is with a car jack. FuCk that!


Nikita said...

Pink shirt and the cognate smile.

MaK said...

ae! who want some... cool!