Monday, July 06, 2009

Bonjour Paris!

So - if you already follow me on twitter (I'm @JohnBBeta on there) then you will have seen these photos come up at the time off the iPhone - (yes John its very romantic to be twittering when you're in Paris with your girlfriend!) but I'll post them here for those of you that don't yet... FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!!

I played in Paris a few weeks ago, for a fabulous chap called Pierre, but went for the weekend and took Hayley with me so we could have a bit of a chill out and see the city - I haven't ever really done the Parisian tourist thing apart from when I was a kid with my family, so it was wikkid to get back there and check everything out now that I'm old enough to appreciate the culture a bit more...

Friday was groovy, we got in early enough to have a decent dinner before the gig, SANCERRE baybeee - then rocked over to the venue (as about 300 mad Parisian Roller-bladers were doing a midnight mass rollerbladathon thing) nice and early so we could catch Alix Perez's set and just hang out and meet people etc ;-) Had a KILLER set and amazing energy in there, and some professional video filming people were in there, so I'm trying to get hold of the footage - it looked like they filmed the whole set so it'll be great to get that use for video podcasts, or a DVD or something... Original Sin was on after me for the harddddcore folk still around at 4am, but he was whackked out from flying in all the way from Toronto, so didn't really look like he wanted to be there that much - understandable though!

I can't remember the order we did stuff in, but we managed to take in a bit of the Musee D'Orsee (except we got there too late to spend much time in there), I had a crepe, walk along the river, ate SNAILS and steak Tartare (RAW meat mixed up with raw egg and stuff YUM), went on a boat ride on the river and saw all the sights there, including Notre Dame Cathedral (but no hunchbacks!) and then finally WALKED/CLIMBED up the Eiffel tower as high as you can on foot - 115m - I think about 650 steps! In 30 degrees C heat. BOOOYAHHHH.

Alas I didn't get to have a croque madame - but I made one when I got home to make up for it...


Sex shop right by the hotel (classy)

Only in Paris. Heels that high riding a bike... Nice...


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