Friday, August 28, 2009

The day I nearly died, but now faced with the opportunity of revenge...

Forgot to mention this at the time, but I just saw the same car when I was out jogging today, so it got me thinking on whether its worth reporting or anything, seeing as if I hadn't reacted quickly the dude would have totally killed me!

Basically a couple of weeks ago I was out jogging, and had to cross over a zebra crossing on the road and some total douschebag nearly ran me over! I had stopped running, still on the pavement, took my ipod headphones out, and waited for the car on my side of the road to stop to let me cross, that part went fine, but there was a car coming the other way - some souped up bright yellow toyota celica with a big ghay aerofoil on the back, I was exactly halfway across the road, and he just kept coming - blatently breaking the 30mph speed limit too AND accellerating - I had to jump out of the way backwards and he just zoomed straight through the zebra crossing with me in the middle of crossing the road, but randomly I held eye contact with him the whole time and he was totally staring back. Anyway I saw the same car today and recognised the driver, but THIS time I had time to get his number plate, and it was easy to remember cos it was a cheap personalised one (lets just say james bond & simpsons related, presumably linked with its yellowness).

Half of me says go report him, seeing as he was driving like a total madman and would have killed me if I'd taken one more step forward - but then the other half just says it would end up in some his word against mine scenario and nothing would happen, or he'd just become a pain and throw eggs at my house or whatever. Hmmmm.