Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Yum Yum American Airlines

Hi folks - back in the UK after a long weekend in the USA (a bit longer than it was supposed to be thanks to mother nature and JFK Air Traffic Control!).

Had 3 great gigs over there, Boston on Thursday, NYC on Friday and Beltek Festival in Maine on Saturday.

Special shoutouts to American Airlines for their delicious in-flight meals... My fault for booking a non-upgradable ticket class I know!!


So yeah, Boston was fab, a had quick pre-drinks with Lenore, the fabulous promoter-ess & the mighty Hot Pink Delorian boys at the hotel before the club WHICH WAS UBER RAMMED. Nice one. And the wine was OK too. Wasn't 100% happy with my set, it was one of those ones where I had a gazillion new tracks I hadn't played out live yet so was more of a feeler-outerer than a John B autopilot mashup-a-thon - but it still went really well - that Beat It MJ remix always kills it too hahah! Oh and haha thanks or NO THANKS to the girl that tried to hedfuk me with the 'DON'T FUCK UP' Sign. I WIN!

Thanks to Nick Minieri for sending over his photos form the night - you can see them here: CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO GALLERY

Flight to NYC the next day was mega delayed by almost 5 hours all-in - really bad weather around the east coast this weekend, so I just chilled out waiting at the gate and then on the plane for a while watching the storm pass - and watching 'The Shield' on my iphone! NYC turned out great too - although it was a shame I got into town much later than I'd planned - had planned some civilized hang-out time with my NYC mates before the gig, which turned into very uncivilized but still fun nightclub rowdy time! Big up to Frances, Ben & Sarah, and Maya & her boytoy ;-) Was also pretty wierd to be technically playing a TOGA PARTY - with full on collusseum decorations. Mad.

If anyone's got any decent photos from the NYC gig please email em over to me at thanks!

Beltek Festival in Maine was wikkid too, I had to sport some killa Wellingon boots though as it was on a farm and they'd had turrential rain the last couple of days, heard Dara & DB had to make do with plastic bags on their feet - reminded me of creamfields Poland last summer. MUDFIELLLLLDS! Anyway, had a really great time again, played to 1500 people in a field in field in the middle of no-where - amazing vibes out there, I could see the moon in the distance and smell the wild skunks in the bushes heheh. I actually saw a real live skunk for the first time ever. Wierd looking thing. Oh and got a ride back to the hotel in a mint condition vintage Mercedes 240 from 1977. PIMP. Luckily no Moose in the road on the way back...

Got mega delayed on the way back to the UK though, like one whole day delayed! My flight back to JFK from Bangor Maine was cancelled and all other flights anywhere of any use to me were either fully booked or cancelled, so I had to stay another night in the airport hotel in Bangor (which was actually a really nice hotel - I just chilled, had room service and caught up on some work & watched a couple of episodes of Big Brother and HBO stuff) - then was up at 8am the next day and driven 3 hrs to Portland Airport by the magnificent Ally - everything from then on was on time, just a bit loooong. Had my first airport shower though at JFK - pretty cool - never used the shower rooms in the business class lounges before but I definitely reccommend it - pretty chill if you have the time and you feel way less rough on the long-haul afterwards...

Ok, gota go, am upgrading my Logic software to v9 on my various macs today, gota sort out car insurance renewals, and do a showcase mix for some London Fashion week people, and about a gazillion other things...


garygoggles said...

mmm looks tasty. shoulda packed a lunch for the flight john.
next time you're in Chicago my gf will cook you up something meaty to bring back with you on the flight.hahahahaha

Beltek said...


Thanks for the ups in your blog! Thanks for being a good sport, and glad you had a ball at BelTek.

Hopefully we can work together again someday!