Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So its that time of year again where I need your vote - this is the only awards thing I really bother trying to get support for, so excuse me if it feels a bit spammmmy for the next couple of weeks - I just neeeeeed the votes!

Last year thanks to you guys I made it to number 126 - and was number 3 in the D&B DJs (only Andy C & Hype above me) which was an amazing achievement, especially for someone as far outside UK mainstream DnB - so THANKS, I was really touched by the support from you lovely sexy electro-bots ;-).

The poll is traditionally dominated by the big house & trance DJs, Tiesto, Guetta etc etc and DnB never really gets much of a look-in, so we need the votes even more - it would be absolutely MIGHTY if I could break into the top 100 this year - so PLEAAAAASE go vote for me at and try to get your mates/grandma/cat to do it too!

If you really want to SUPER help, when you vote obviously put me at number 1 - and then people you think will probably be above me anyway as the other 4. (Yes I've been watching too much reality TV lately and thinking too tactially!)

Anyway - voting ends Sept 3rd so not long to go now - thanks for all the support. CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Oh, and if you haven't been downloading all my podcasts & DJ Mixes already CLICK HERE to check out my podcast and grab all the lovely free mp3s...