Monday, May 26, 2008

As seen on the Autobahn to Frankfurt

We always seem to stop at this gas station on the way to Frankfurt Airport after I've done a gig in Mannheim... I've never had one of these mighty kebabs, but the chef sure makes them look like I'm missing out...

Played MS Connection in Mannheim on Wednesday again, for the e.Motion guys. Great as ever - really good crowd - everyone was out because there was a public holiday that weekend so no work on Thursday. Some VERY drunk people in there... Ahem Johann... Fell asleep in the booth next to me! hahahah! Big up to Thorsten for the Reisling and sorting out the Wienerschnitzel while I watched the football!

Watching Man U/Chelski UEFA Cup Final, waiting for room service! Yummm!

Oh yeah, did a really cool photo shoot before the gig too, proper professional in a studio bizniz, think you'll like the pics - so look out for them soon... They made me up like a Hindu God with many arms and stuff. Pretty bizarrro, but I think it'll turn out ace. Booyah!


Anonymous said...

champions league final, b.

uefa cup was won by st. petersburg!

pssstblog said...

:D Dude... you have to try our "German" kebap... I really like it but as i tried one in LDN I wanted to vomit on the hotel room floor :D

Btw, this sticker is pretty much on EVERY Dönerbude (german slang for kebab house) in germany :)