Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Mighty Garden!

The mighty Garden of Beee-den is finished pretty much. Got my man Shaun to landscape it last summer, but I had one last border that we didn't do anything to, so last weekend I went and got all gardenery and dug it up, put fertilizer and manure in and planted a gazillion Patunias and Bizzie Lizzies. Then put 6 huge bags of forest bark all over the top to stop the 'orrible weeds coming back. MIGHTY! 

Went to Homobase this week too and bought a fab parasol to go on my table. THE MIGHTY PLAN IS COMPLETE.

Oh and check out the cool Beta Recordings lazer etched tile my friend Uli from Germany arranged and sent over for my birthday last year. Cool beans!

So yes, I plan to conduct lots of business in the garden, with wi-fi over the summer. And have BBQs for people in bikinis.

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