Friday, May 30, 2008


Just a note to let anyone in Russia know that I won't be appearing in Murmansk tonight.

I only found out on Tuesday night that my flights had still not been bought, and because it had been left so late, there weren't any of the good options left (ie I was left with LOOONG waits in Moscow or St. Petersberg, and the BA and BMI flights I would have wanted were sold out etc etc).

Anyway, my job is to go and DJ, not sift through loads of flight ticket options, the promoters & my agent should have sorted it out a long time ago (my agent thought they had) and although I'd love to play in Murmansk I'm not going to put myself through the hell of flying all the way there on a crappy Aeroflot OLDDDD cramped plane, and sit waiting in Moscow airport for 12812891821 becuase someone else fucked up and the only flights left are the shit ones...

We're talking to the organisers to get me there on another date, maybe in June. IF the flights are OK... I'll post the gig on my myspace gig listings when/if that happens.

Sorry to all the fans looking forward to the show tonight, but I won't be there... :-(