Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday in Londinium

Not much to mention here apart from I had a cool time in London last night. Went up to meet Hayley then went to the Sanderson Hotel's 'Long Bar' for the first time in ages, and had forgotten how PIMP it was. Drunk £8.50 glasses of Sancerre for far too long to be economical, but had a really amazing time - lovely, comfortable surroundings and ace social biznizz. 

Hayley on a posh couch.

King Andy

My good mates Colm, Jack and Andy came down for a bit, then we went on to Swerve at the End (respect to Sarah for getting us in!). Had to leave early to catch the 130 train back home, which was a shame, I had to miss half of Blame's set and totally missed Fabio. Saw Shy FX down there and had a quick chat, but had to leave so we spent our limited time there just chilling in the corner where it was a bit quieter and you could chat without yelling. I missed the Sancerre though... :-(

Oh hahah and the train ride home was entertaining. Witnessed a very strange love triangle/domestic situation between some gay guys, or guy guy and lodger with some history, who had been out separately but come back on the same train, with different partners, and one was wearing the other guys necklace, which he pulled off him, and then just kept coming back in a very theatrical dramatic way and having words. Passed the time indeed. I had a mighty feast of random ethnic sandwiches from the 7-11 to eat while it all kicked off too. Funtimes!

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