Thursday, October 30, 2008

RIP NT2. Hello SE2200A

So, in my haste nipping in and out of the studio (I move at super-speed when I'm working this hard...) I tripped over my microphone cable last week, which pulled over the mic stand, which had my very expensive Rode NT2 on the top of it, which smashed out of the shockmount, broke the elastic bands in it, and dented the mic, and buggered the condenser or whatever so its basically broken.

 :-( Gonna have to eBay it off to someone who whats to try to fix it. Keep an eye out...

The good news is it meant I had to order a newer mic, and got a neat little desk stand for it too, so I won't be tripping over it anymore, unless I decide to walk on my desk. Got a really cool second mic for when I'm Djing too - it plugs directly into the mixer and has a pointy goose-neck thing, so it looks a bit like a vocoder mic - used it in Budapest last weekend - RoooBotttikk.

And here's an excuse for some studio pr0n with the new mic in place...

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