Saturday, January 17, 2009

Greetings from RAVEnsberg

Yes, I'm in a town called RAVEnsberg (in Germany)... Flew into Zurich which is the nearest airport you can get to from Heathrow, and then the lads Chris and Lars drove me over here, a couple of hours across the border and bizarrely on a ferry across the biggest lake in Germany too. Nice. Just had a killer dinner, the hotel here's pretty posh for German small city bizniz, had duck liver with prunes and potato crepes starter, and a wikkid filet steak with potato croquettes. And local wine. Nice one!

Bought a cool cable for my iphone/ipod at the airport today - its a charger but also takes the composite video out so you can output all the video to a Tv etc - currently watching 'brotherhood' in the background. Not a touch on 'The Wire'. I don't think anything ever will be :-( hehe.

Ok, well off to go play to some crazy South German Ravers in Ravensburg. Hurrah!