Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year Update!

Greetings all! First post of 2009 so it really ought to be a good one...

I guess the kind of thing you'd probably like to hear about is a NEW PODCAST! Well - you're in luck... Just posted up last night the full 3 hour live set from my gig in Freiburg at the end of November... Click the podcast banner on the right here, or go to to download it - its best for me if you do it through iTunes and subscribe - that way I get the stats (& fame) hehe!

Really excited to get back into the studio today, and for the next week or 2 - I had piles of admin to do over Christmas which I finally got finished on Monday, so I'm rarrrrrring to go. This time of year I have to do the big mammoth year-end tax return accounts stuff, and my quaterly VAT return to send off to my accountant. Not glamorous I know, but important to do properly - have heard far too many stories of DJs not doing that stuff, not paying taxes and then getting stung for gazillllions of £££ and having to go bankrupt and all sorts. Badass. Anyway, nice to have it out of the way and dealt with, I find when I have that sort of stuff hanging over me I can't concentrate on being creative at all!

So, will be having a bash at the new Bloc Party remix today I think, then making a start on the 4/4 mixes of my track with Kirsty Hawkshaw 'Connected' - which is meant to go on my new album, but I think we're also going to try to license it to Armin Van Buuren's label, Armada, or maybe Black Hole, Anjunabeats, or Perfecto. I really like making decent, deep trance, and the last ones I did for Perfecto a few years ago did really well so I think one of my plans for 2009 will be to move in that direction a bit more (not at the expense of my DnB output though!).

Anyway, hope you like the new podcast - I'll be doing the tracklist for it later today so keep an eye on

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goggles said...

i was just explaining to my girlfriend your forays into trance via the paul oakenfold cd... and telling her
that i wish you had more stuff like that coming out.
wow. this is good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!