Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Copied in from the podcast feed for you lazy blog reading gits out there! ;-)

The first John B podcast of 2009 - recorded live at the Palladium club in Freiburg for the 7 Years Jungle Club Birthday Party! 3 hour mighty John B set with MC Fava on the mic, German Dry reisling white wine flowing (as you can hear by the end!). Respect! Photos are up on John B's flickr page. Enjoy!


1. Bloc Party - One Month Off (John B Re-edit) [FULL OFFIAL REMIX ON THE WAY!]

2. John B - Dancing in the dark
3. John B - When the time comes (ReEdit)

4. Klement - Sirene (John B Re-Edit)
5. John B - Disco Hoho Mashup
6. DJ Rashad - Get Down (John B SpeedUpMashUp)
7. John 'Booty' B - Whoomp
8. C4C - Droidz
9. Culture Shock - Kronix
10. John B Vs Iowatest - Timelapse
11. Shockone - Polygon (Viper)
12. ?? - Chaos

13. Grossstadtgefluster - Haufenweise Sheisse
14. The Locarnos - Make Up Your Mind (Alex Metric Remix - John B ReEdit)
15. Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F-111 (CounterStrike '03 Remix)
16. Receptor - Rhyno (Breed)
17. Justice - DVNO (Petits Pilous Remix)
18. Presets - This Boy's In Love (LifeLike Remix)
19. Rainer Werner Bassfinder - Roses are Red
20. Alavi - Smells like Rerox
21. Sebastian - Dog

22. Chase & Status - Pieces

23. Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (Body&Soul Bootleg Remix)
24. NIN - Hand that Feeds (Zardonic Remix)

25. Simian - We are your friends (Silver Remix)

26. Phonat - Learn To Recycle (John B Re-Edit)
27. John Rolodex - Amenism
28. Cybotron feat. Dillinja - Light Years (Prototype)
29. intstra:mental - The Dead Zone (Darkestral 005)
30. Receptor - Kurchatov
31. Klement - Result (John B Re-Edit)
32. John B - Red Sky

33. John B - German Girls
34. John B - Numbers
35. John B - The Journey (v1.0 Unfinished!)
36. Klement - Check the this is

37. John B - Memorabilia
38. WIT - It Kills (John B ReEdit)
39. Sub Focus - Timewarp
40. John B - Up All Night (Epic Mix)
41. Bloc Party - The Prayer (John B remix)

42. Noisia - Stigma (Vision)
43. Shalamar - Disappearing Act (John B Remix)


44. John Bourke - What is Love?
45. John B - Stalking you on Myspace (Electrohouse Mix)
46. Steve Mac - Have Some Fun
47. Dibaba - In Your Face Is The Place (Gigolo)

---- "Meine Leiblingsessen ist Schwartzwalderkirschtorte..." -----

48. Phetsta & Shockone feat. Grant McCulough - Cyclones
-----"Make some noiseeeeeee. Danke Schone. Auf Wiedersehen. THE POLITZEI ARE HERE"

49. Kelley - Shoes
-----"The Politzei REALLY are here"
-----"Ich mochte Kebabs"


Anonymous said...

Hey that mix is rocks but the MC is sucks!!! It is very sad that he talking and "singing" and saying something totally indifferent in every half minute!

But (as usually) the mix is O.K.! :)

Anonymous said... should kick him off the stage and get a niiiiice record as always has! :)

Fabian said...

John B @ 07 January 2009 05.38:
"Got recordings from some other gigs to come soon, without MCing, although I was playing the same sort of tracks cos it was the same week - but I'll put them up soon too, jsut before I hit you with the mighty new REGULAR studio mix podcasts..."

Anonymous said...

Yeh!! The MC is fucking sucks! But the mix is still still you(amaizing)!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Are all MCs like thiiiizzzz?" :)

Anonymous said...

the mc really sucks...
again and again, a typical dnb-party-problem...