Monday, January 19, 2009

Photoblog from this weekend in Ravensburg

A few photos from my iPhone on the trip to Ravensburg this weekend. It was down in the deep south of Germany so I actually flew into Zurich in Switzerland where the fabulous promoters Lars & Chris picked me up in the Merc. We took a little ferry over a huge lake on the way, only a 15 boat ride but pretty cool - couldn't see much though cos it was the middle of the night! Just enough time for a nice glass of wine and a few pirate jokes though...

Chris' A-Ha tape - the ORIGINAL, 'Hunting High & low'. BOH!

Nice tree by the railway crossing somewhere in Switzerland...
Swiss wintery tree


Feasting with Lars & Chris
lars & Chris in Ravensburg

v800 Amps in the club. I used to have one of these driving my subwoofers in the old studio when I lived in my parents' house!
HH v800s

Luke slater graffittigram
Luke Slater 99

Sign outside the club!
Robot 80s electro boy YES!

Excellent chips!
Ravensurg Pommes Master

In the surfmobile on the way back to Zurich

Zurich Surfmobile

Got some new shoes this week, the PAIN!
New shoes & Zurich Airport pain

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing in RAVEnsburg! Hope you'll be back soon!!