Monday, February 11, 2008


I've just copied this in for you guys, from the entry on my webstore. My new single "Mr. Freud" came out today (vinyl only - the mp3 release is in 2 weeks on Feb 25th). So if you want one you can either get it direct from my webstore (we ship internationally) or from your usual vinyl shop. Hope you like it anyway - thanks for all the support!



Vinyl Release Date: Feb 11th 2008

mp3 Release Date: Feb 25th 2008 (Here at, and all the other usual portals: itunes, beatport, trackitdown etc)

There's a few promos left too, we've cut the price of them down, so good if you're not bothered about the posh sleeve but still want the track...

This is John B's first solo single since last year's critically acclaimed electro drum & bass album Electrostep.

Mr. Freud has already had 160,000 plays on John Bs Myspace player, and is John B back at his best, fusing hard D&B beats with luxurious trancey strings, a heavy electrohouse-influencd B-line, and sleazy electroclash-style vocals & roboVocoders. It?s a dirty beast, a stand-out electrohouse-meets-D&B anthem, refreshingly different and another John B-designed genre-busting new direction for D&B.

Red Sky brings John back to the epic Trance & Bass style he pioneered with hits like Up all Night & Electrofreek! but with an updated production style for 2008. Shaz Sparks beautiful vocals compliment the fluid, euphoric trance textures. Grand piano & huge anthemic pads that Armin Van Buuren would be proud of are contrasted by a monstrous, grimey racecar reese bassline and heavy neurofunk groove, still smashing it in a DJ-friendly Drum&Bass framework.

John B "Mr. Freud" (BETA 019)

John B feat. Shaz Sparks "Red Sky" (BETA 019)


Anonymous said...

Nice use of the old eighties apple logo there :-)

atrifix said...

bangin! love it

Anonymous said...


any chance to see "Connected (feat. K. Hawkshaw)" as a single this year?

Dima said...

red sky - COOL! ))

thank you

Anonymous said...

i just heard this on and it rocked! Nice one :-) xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

"any chance to see "Connected (feat. K. Hawkshaw)" as a single this year?"

I'm going to second that. Any possibility on that one, sir?