Monday, February 04, 2008

When The Time Comes...

I'm feeling generous today, so here's a clip of the track I did last week, entitled: "When The Time Comes..." 

For the studio g33ks reading: The idea was to make something VERY simple, with only a few core sounds, and generate the highs & lows with subtle automation on the fx sends on the main synth sound, keeping that mainly very 'wet', while the drums are contrastingly clean and tight. In the build ups I really ramp up the fx sends but then totally zero out all the busses at the end to make the sound kinda implode before the drums come back in and everyting drops. Even though the core of them are 808/909 drums there's loads of behind the scenes stuff to beef them up in the mix - generally straight up non-distorted 808 drums don't sound phat enough in a DnB scenario, as much as I love them, so there's other sounds layered up to make it work. Had some fun little FX I made with an FM synth for the stereo perc too. Anywayyyyy.

I opened both sets with it this weekend, in Manchester and Linz and it went OFF! Let me know what you think in the comments section...

(Click the 'play' arrow to listen...)