Friday, February 08, 2008

Off to Europe, and back, then out again...

Hi there folks, just a quick update before I hit the road again. Had a reasonably fruitful week I guess, sorted out the Podcast feed once and for all (see previous post) and arranged the mastering for the next couple of singles (I'll save that info for next week for ya...) - and a bunch of other stuff I won't bore you with...

Went to Smokies again on Weds night with Hayley, Kimbob, Linus & Jean-Luc Picard. Was a good time - knew loads of people out so never-a-dull-moment. Tried to get Dan talking to girls but he kept freezing up, I'm gona have to give him some PUA stuff to read... Ahhh a project! Hah!

Hayley & Kimbob at Smokies:

I'm playing in Zurich tonight, and then @ Kings of the Jungle in Hamburg on Saturday - both will be great gigs so I'm looking forward to it, and playing all the new stuff of course - BUT the travelling is SO lame, again. Instead of a direct flight from Zurich to Hamburg tomorrow, of which there are at least 4 at suitable times, I'm being flown back to London, and then flying out again 7 hours later. Great. So I'll be knackkered, and not really have enough time to come home and back out again (but I'll try). Can't change my flights either - nowadays in the UK, changable flights are almost twice as much usually. Anyway, its annoying. I've just loaded up my iphone with episodes of American Dad, and South Park and I've got a Freud book I've been meaning to read so I can have intellectual conversations with Hayley. 'Make the best use of the time' says the little voice in my head.

If you see me on Sunday and I look a bit tired then you'll know why!