Monday, February 11, 2008

Zurich & Hamburg This Weekend!

Back in the land of the living now after a VERY long sleep last night... 

Both gigs this weekend were great, but the travelling was pretty lame - having to fly back to London and wait around for 7 hours instead of taking a direct flight from Zurich to Hamburg (of which there are loads) wasn't exactly the brightest idea in the universe (not my call) - but I managed to survive. I bribed my Dad to come and pick me up so I could go home and sleep for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon, instead of sitting in Heathrow Airport for god knows how long - which was definitely a good move. Respect to Father Bee.

Friday night was the Hive Club in Zurich, I played there about a year ago, and it was even better this time - respect to Chris and everyone involved in getting me out there. And thanks for the wine - usually the stuff they have in clubs isn't really too tasty, but that stuff was ace! The new tracks all went down great too - I've been starting off with 'When the Time Comes', then mixing into 'Dancing in the Dark' and then the Glamour for Better remix. They all seem to be in the same key so it works out really well. Hurrah!

Good to see a few of my regular Swiss fans in the house, and hi to Mr. BTK all the way from Brazil, who was in town for a break on his Euro tour. I'm still playing his bootleg remix of 'Sunglasses at Night' so was cool to put a face to the AIM window!

Here's a couple of pics my man Joe Kneppeck emailed from the night:

Saturday was Hamburg, for Kings of the Jungle, a big event they do in Germany quite regularly - last time I was there they used a big Castle with outdoor areas and all sorts, mad! This year was a new venue called Huhnerposten, or something like that. Translated its something to do with Chickens. It did kind of feel like a squashed up chicken farm at times! But a good ravey one where the chickens were happy and had DnB to listen to...

Big up to Dirk and Sandra for looking after us - and hi to Rebecca & the Lufthansa stewardesses from our flight that came down too! (A free upgrade next time would be nice) ;-)

Had a good flight over there, it's dead fast to Hamburg because its right in the North West of Germany, so not very far at all. The line up was pretty big so there were a bunch of the other artists on my flight - ended up hanging out with Adam F and having a good chat on the way there and back too. Always good to catch up with other DJs, and see what's going on, it can be a bit wierd going solo all the time like a random weekendy businessman. Needed to get some info about picturediscs too, Adam & Fresh have been doing them for ages on their label BBK so it was useful to find out how it works out label-wise seeing as I'm planning on doing some coloured vinyl and picturediscs for the next few releases I'll be putting out on my label, Beta Recordings.

Haha, back to the weekendy businessman biznizz - which reminds me. Bizarrely, the last few weekends, all my flights seem to have been through Heathrow T2, and they all have gone out through the same gate. Which I think has been confusing the poor gate staff there. They keep noticing when I change my hair though, which is nice. I've been recognising the same people on some flights now too - there really is a secret world of the road (or air) warrior. Nice. I think.

Oh, and boo to Swiss Air for not having Tomato juice. I need that on my early flights home. And boo to Swiss and Lufthansa for not having white wine, and only having that wierd Sekt stuff. Neither White Wine, nor Champagne. JOHN B DOES NOT LIKE SEKT. BA all the way baybee, you can even choose what type of Wine you want usually. Come on LH, sort it out! ;-)

Gawd I sound obsessed by wine. I promise I'm not - its just one of those things...

I only took a few photos, but there were official photographer dudes there so I presume their photos will pop up eventually on the forums pages...

Ravers in hamburg:

You can just see the British Coastline appearing in the distance there:

With Adam F on the plane: