Sunday, February 24, 2008

Still Ill...

Arg. It's now Sunday afternoon and I'm still f**ked.

Made it to the gig in Brno, Czech Republic on Friday, but man I was in a bad, way - I've pretty much lost my voice, and am just in the grip of mighty man-flu. Slept as long as I could in the Hotel, went straight to the gig and did my set then came back and tried to sleep again.

Think I managed to pull it off on stage, I don't know if they heard me when I tried to explain 'I AM Illllllllll' on the mic, but anyone close would have seen me coughing my guts up and having hardcore fever/sweats etc etc.

To add to the headaches, my broadband internet at home has been giving me grief since I switched companies, so I've been scrabbling around under desks unplugging cables all morning.


Hopefully I'll be a bit better 2moro...

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