Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back from Siberia!

John B @ Tuning Hall, Moscow 12.4.08

Hi folks!

Got back late on Monday night from Russia - played Moscow on Saturday (at Tuning Hall) and Novosibirsk in Siberia (@ Rock City) on Sunday night.

Both gigs were fantastic - Moscow was about 3,000 people in the whole place, there were a few of us over from the UK for that one, Mark from C4C, Jon from Distorted Minds, SPL and Sol from Chase & Status. Poor Sol had badass travel problems apparently - he was 2 minutes late to check in at Heathrow, and ended up having to get a new ticket altogether and fly through Frankfurt, and Switzerland or something! He rocked up after me about 2am, straight from the airport looking totally fucked - but MASSIVE respect for the mission - a stronger man than I! Oh and I'm totally stealing that plan B remix he opened with...

So yeah, the Moscow gig was huuuuge, the crowd were amazing and totally went mad when I got on stage, screaming, photo/autograph hunting and all thatt! I got a bit freaked out and looked into the lazer-machine on stage up close by accident when taking photos, and ended up a bit blind in my left eye for 30 mins. VERY scarey, but I can see fine now thank God. They also had big flame machines behind the decks too, but totally not cordoned off or anything - I had a suspicion they were going to blast out fire so stayed clear, but man, SO DANGEROUS. I guess health and safety laws don't apply in Russian Raves. I swear that thing nearly set several DJs on fire... Anyway, you can see from all the photos what went on - rock on and thanks to the organisers!

Oh yeah and the hotel deserves a special mention - they had a wall of fame of photos on the wall by reception, including, Margaret Thatcher, STALIN, and a bunch of Russian Celebrities. They gave me a glass of Brut when checking in. PIMP. Was very posh in an old Soviet stylee, I liked it. Their Club Sandwich was legendary too. But it ought to be for 600 Rubles...

Photos from the gig: (thanks to Elena for sending the links!)

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