Friday, April 04, 2008


John B is currently sitting in Dallas airport, my flight to Little Rock, AK got cancelled but luckily they got me on the next one in a couple of hours so I'll be able to make the gig!

Had a nice flight over here from Miami, although was very sad to leave it behind. Am trying to gradually get back into UK style, started with trying to catch up on eastenders via torrents of the shows from the last 2 weeks. I can't beleive they buried that guy alive! Thought it was funny and random watching match of the day from the weekend on my iPhone, somewhere inbetween Miami and Dallas. I bet I'm the only person in the world so far that has done that. Booyah!

Just had some very dubiously shaped nachos and evesdropped on a couple of waitresses at the bar/cafe place that blatently hated each other. This week has definitely been a time of calibration and honing my skills for picking up on intra-female subtle-but-pretty-evil bitching. They had it.

Anyway, I will be using the rest of my wi-fi time do delete all the bollox myspace comments that people leave for me 'new tracks uploaded' - 'glittter sparkle blah blah' - 'yo hollah at your boy just stopping by to plug my crappy Hip Hop demo' WHATTTTTT. Go away.

Ok, gate change again - I'm off. Lots of love till later...


re.Mark said...

lol you made me smile, especially the myspace comments remark. Eastenders is crap though :p

Anonymous said...

I always wondered how you still find time to write/maintain your blogs and websites, now I realize it's due to delayed flights (or dead birds).
I love your music, hope to hear a nice D&B podcast soon/again?

Fabian said...

I'm appreciating the non-DnB-stuff more and more though, time to start producing it yourself? There's a wider public to reach compared to (electro)DnB and it seems you like it a lot lately as well.