Monday, April 28, 2008

Photos from Domino Club, Odessa on Friday!

Thanks to the mighty Topolsky for finding me the link for this photoset from my gig in Odessa on Friday... Click here to see the whole set ;-)

Was a heavy trip - you can't fly direct from London to Odessa so I had to wake up at 5am to get to Heathrow Airport, then connected in Prague. Slept most of the afternoon in the funny hotel after that - but was good to not have to do anything once I got there. The hotel was right next to the club, so really convenient - but I think they were still refurbishing it, was really empty and ghostly - kinda reminded me of that film, 'the Grudge' or whatever generic horror movie where you're alone in a big old building...

Bogdan & Topolsky took me out for a quick dinner before the show - some nice little Italian restaurant in the centre of Odessa, with a totally smashed drunk dude passed out on the street outside (see photo on the last post) - and I gotta say, I think they made the best ceasar salad I've ever had - wasn't expecting that!

So yeah - the gig was great, totally packed out and everyone going mad! Hah, and the whole 'Siski, Piski, Pizdetz!' thing was catching on big style (its some kinda rude phrase my friends in Russia taught me - roughly translates to 'Tits, pussy - fucking hell woohar!' or something like that)... I saw a few ravers in customised shirts & dresses with it all over, and some dude had a huge sign he was holding up in the middle of the dancefloor. Mad! Haha!

I also did an interview for Star TV, the main National TV station for Ukraine and then they followed me round in the club a bit. Tried to follow me into the toilet too. Not good... ;-) If I can get hold of a link to it online I'll post it up here then...

Anyway, here's the photos - the link to the whole lot is above, and you can also find them on my facebook, myspace, and flickr as usual...

John B @ Domino Club (Ukraine)

John B @ Domino Club (Ukraine)

John B @ Domino Club (Ukraine)

John B @ Domino Club (Ukraine)

John B @ Domino Club (Ukraine)

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Anonymous said...

Thank's for the great show... Pleased, that you liked the sign :-[

Hope to see you again in Ukraine, especially in Odessa. This show was even better, than the 2006' in Kiev.