Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Deadmau5 no. 3 or 4?!!

Aaaaaargh!!! I was looking for the 2nd moustrap and it seems it had snapped and fallen through under the boards in the loft. I think this is now deadmau5 number 3, or 4. Have ordered more traps off ebay. Pain in teh aSS. (Sorry deadmau5es but I don't want you eating my clothes in the loft. Or nibbling me in my sleep).

Hayley was kind enough to fish it out and get rid of it... (Sometimes she does stuff round the house...!)


Anonymous said...

write about in the next one "i love robots 2" (novosibirsk) , please.

we will be very pleased)))))))

(sorry, i don't speak english))))

Anonymous said...

don't buy a mousetrap - buy a cat :E

Nikita said...

You know, there's such type of mouse traps that catch the mice but not killing them. Wanted to present you one in Novosibirsk but didn't have time to buy before the gig, haha. And thanks for the last "one pic" photo session by the club. You're the Man.

Anonymous said...

...or if you don't like catz, maybe buy some mouse poison :>

Anonymous said...

oh BOO!!! leave them mice alone :(


Anonymous said...

That's sad. What if he was a fan? You could have just killed a fan.

Buy those non-killy traps! Don't kill teh mices!