Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My first HD video!

Hi guys - time for a quick update, although I really should be in the studio right now finishing the 2nd Bloc Party Remix ("One Month Off")...

I've been hard at work figuring out how to use Final Cut Pro, the big daddy of video editing software, so that I can edit videos from my new camera, which is all super duper mega HD 1080p bizniz! Managed to learn just enough to do the first one and its all uploaded now on my vimeo page, and also on youtube. In HD! Pretty hard work, you have to get it all correct with the prefect codecs and file formats. Headache!

It doesn't let me embed the video on this page in HD, so if you want to see it in all the hi-res glory, click here.

Other than that not much to report - just been constantly working hard, and far too much, but just about managing to get some excercise, still sticking to my 1x gym and 2x 4 mile runs a week - and happy to report I've now lost 8 pounds since Christmas... Hoping I can keep it up and fit into my pink speedos in time for Miami... (Yes you will need HD video for that!)

Hope you like the little facelift I gave the blog and the podcast page earlier in the week with the help of the mighty Trickartt - still more to do, but wanted it to look more like the main site too...

Been and got my hair cut again today so I look lovely for the weekends gigs - I must admit I'm not looking forward to all the travelling, I'm gonna be so tired by the end of it... Hungary on Friday, then no sleep and straight to the airport after the gig to fly to Moscow - hopefully will be able to sleep in the hotel in the afternoon before the gig there on Saturday, then Sunday I fly to Ufa, further into Russia, do the gig, MAYBE get some sleep, then on Monday I fly from Ufa to Moscow, then Moscow to London. If you see me looking a bit tired just give me a pat on the head and maybe a little hug :-(

Out in Maidenhead with Hayley tonight hopefully - maybe Ivory lounge and the dreaded (but secretly loved) Smokey Joes...

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Anonymous said...

Hello John! :)
This is Dmitry - friend of Lena from Moscow)
What camera you use now?

Oh, in july I go to London to Michael Jackson concert )))